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Gamer Transformations - Gamer Fit
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There's a fit and healthy gamer inside.

Let's uncover that gamer!

Change your body. Find Inner Control. Unlock the gamer you know you can be.

Sneak Peek at Gamer Fit Coaching Program

Millions of Gamers Succumb to stereotypes and lackadaisical lifestyle

which can Leave their Body, Social Life, and ambitions in ruins.

But not here. Not at AOG coaching for Gamers. We’ve spent the last 4 years developing the most strategic, results-driven lifestyle program anywhere. Get in shape. Live a good life. Be the gamer you know you can be.


“I was blown away by how much content AoG provides. This is way more than some diet course. The part about meditation and hydration was really eye opening.” Caleb D.

No Diets.

This is a life changing accountability program.

Another reddit string on the latest fad diet? Actually, no. Because dieting isn’t the answer to anything. Except for maybe selling books or getting on TV.

What you need, instead, is accountability. Someone who's been in the nexus and knows how to gank.

Someone who can help you figure out what to do next, especially when you've reached a plateau or stop being consistent with your program.

We’ll hold you truly accountable, and effect a life change. That's what we do at Anatomy of a Gamer.

You've got a lot on your plate. We're here so you don't have to figure it all out by yourself.

No Fake Experts.

Our team is made of real-life experienced professionals.

Our program is made up of nutritionists, exercise experts, yoga instructors, and gold gamers. They're the most well-trained and experienced specialists in the industry.

Our Instructors:

Understand You

As gamers and stereotype-breakers our team knows the in’s and out’s of living a healthy balanced life with gaming.

Hold You Accountable

To ensure you're on track, the program will give you the right message at the right time. We will help you make and keep fitness goals and effect the change that you design, while removing roadblocks to success.

Ask Yourself

Is this the kind of team/program that can guide you to the triforce?

Meet Chris Williams, Founder of AOG Coaching

Any time you step into a new game, you know there’s going to be a learning curve. Ward off an attack. Outsmart the enemy. Form an alliance with other players. Map your surroundings or find tools and weapons to help you level up. Or die trying. It’s a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight.


Survive against impossible odds

If you’re a gamer, and you’re ready for a change that can help you lose weight, gain muscle, eat healthier, build endurance, or look better than you ever have, I can help.

Gaming can take a toll on your mental health, too. Lose a battle, take heat from a toxic gamer, or get sucked into an intense gaming situation, and it can leave you feeling frustrated, defeated, angry, or both. Believe me, I know what it’s like.

My name is Chris Williams, and I’m the founder of Anatomy of a Gamer. Give me a minute of your time like Deckard Cain in Diablo…“Stay awhile, and listen.” And I’ll show you how you can keep on gaming and live your best life by understanding the Anatomy of a Gamer.


When I watched top-level South Korean gamers battle in the SBENU Global Star Craft League, I was blown away by the guys who could execute 300 to 600 actions per minute. You might not be a Master Level player yet, but it’s no secret that learning to consistently execute moves in a game will help you advance. And it’s no different when it comes to your health.


Want to learn how to be mentally tough, impervious to the rants of toxic gamers, and stay calm in any situation? I’ll show you how. I used the same kind of intensity to master techniques like meditation and affirmations to develop self control and resiliency. These are skills that will help you get more out of gaming, and more out of life on your journey to better health.


Here’s the real game changer. The missing link in just about every failed diet, weight loss program, or workout plan is accountability. Think about it from a gamer’s perspective. On the right MOBA team, your leader can inspire every player to give their best effort. But you don’t need to hire a gaming coach for thousands of dollars to get better.

Join the AOG Community

It’s not just your Avatar that can look good.

Are you ready for your own transformation? AOG has everything you need to level up, improve your health, lose weight, maximize muscle mass, and even feel like an eSports badass. More than 32 million gamers watched the League of Legends finals last year, making it more popular than the NBA Finals, World Series, and Stanley Cup.

It means gaming is fast becoming a legit sport. Top-level gamers push the boundaries of mental and physical endurance to the limit, but not always in a good way. If you’ve already got the chops to join a MOBA team and battle it out for hours under intense pressure, you’ve got what it takes to get GamerFit. It’s a made-for-gamers, no-bull, get-in-and-figure-it out approach to nutrition, exercise, goal-setting, meditation, and other lifestyle habits.

Tired of living the stereotype of a fat-and-out-of-shape gamer? It’s time to change the face of gaming forever, and I’m here to help. Your journey to better health starts here.

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