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BuyNow - Gamer Fit

The all-in-one gaming enhancer. Made from all natural vitamins, nutrients, and botanical extracts.


Unlike the competition, AoG FLOW® is 100% all-natural, meaning you can delete the processed, hydrogenated, non-organic glop you eat and get an upgrade. Our proprietary blend is for gamers.
Even Mom would approve.


all the awesome benefits in one capsule.


Invulnerability Shield

You’re going to die someday. But not in game. FLOW uses Vitamin D to keep you healthy for your all-day, all-night LAN party, even when you have to skip sleep and meals to reach Gold League. We know how long that can be


When Things Get Bloody

Your avatar might be running full sprint, but you’re in an office chair. That’s why FLOW uses Niacin to keep your circulation humming. We want you pumping enough red to do the running yourself, if you had to.



our eye is your reticule. And you’re pointed at a bright screen all day. That’s why FLOW uses Vitamin A to keep your vision sharp enough for counter-terrorists, creepers, and zombies.


Actions Per Minute

Wake up Neo. What do you see? FLOW uses caffeine to help you recognize visual patterns so you can play sniper, carry, and Terran at winning speeds. Watch what your fingers do when your brain is on gaming.


For Greenies Only

It’s the first hour of the LAN party and you’re already turning green. FLOW uses a natural ginger root and peppermint formula to keep you from losing your balance in the biome.






From 230 to 180lbs in 6 Months

Chris didn’t just lose 50 pounds in those 6 months. He also reached Masters in Starcraft 2 and Gold Division in League of Legends. Anatomy of a Gamer believes you can do both. Because what if she only dates Diamonds?

Find out how Chris transformed his body while gaming:

Energy & Stamina

Flow’s unique combination of B vitamins, green tea, and green coffee are designed to help you maximize the energy you consume and produce so you can give it your all when it matters most.

Energy & Stamina Production
Caffeine, present in both green tea and green coffee beans, can have a stimulating effect to your energy reserves. Research is abundant on the energy-related benefits of caffeine from both sources, even in low doses. The benefits include:

  • Faster reactions times in visual pattern recognition
  • Not only a rapid increase in alertness but also a prevention of steady decline in alertness
  • Increased cognitive capacity & information processing accuracy
  • Prevention of energy drop at night and the ability to remain alert and at functioning at a high level even when sleep deprived.

Utilization of Energy
Consuming adequate amounts of the vitamins niacin, B12, and B6 is essential to harvesting the energy from the food you’re eating food and the food you’ve stored to fuel your gaming and to maintain emotional and mental health.

Niacin, is an integral part of NAD & NADP, compounds that are used in more chemical reactions within the body than any other vitamin-derived molecule. These niacin-based compounds are specifically used in intracellular respiration in the mitochondria of every cell, the process your cells go through to derive energy from the food you eat. Other B Vitamins, B12 and B6, also act as cofactors in the metabolism of energy. In addition, they are involved in helping your body use fat storage for fuel.

Focus & Blood Circulation

Circulation of blood throughout your body is important for life (and gaming) because blood delivers oxygen and the nutrients cells need to survive and thrive. Good blood flow is essential for performing well cognitively and Flow has been formulated to help you achieve just that.

Research has shown that the botanical ginkgo biloba stimulates neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers in the nervous system, helping your body to receive messages from the brain and vice versa. Ginkgo also increases micro circulation, the circulation of blood in very small blood vessels, which are those vessels where transportation of nutrients to cells occurs. Additionally, ginkgo relaxes blood vessels and by doing this improved cerebral function in the brain is observed.

Relaxed blood vessels are important for unimpeded blood flow. Consider your blood vessels like a garden hose, if you squeeze a garden hose the water inside the hose is under increased pressure and your lawn receives less life-giving water. The same is true for your cells; if you have high blood pressure, your cells receive less nutrients.


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You may have heard that caffeine, which Flow contains, can increase your blood pressure, but the green tea leaf extract in Flow naturally contains theanine. Research has found that theanine from tea can negate the blood pressure raising effect of caffeine while maintaining alertness. Flow’s combination of both ingredients is a win-win for you.

Flow also contains green coffee bean extract which has been shown to reduce blood pressure, even with caffeine as an active ingredient. A reduction in blood pressure helps improves circulation of blood throughout the body bringing with it important nutrients and oxygen to keep you playing at your best.


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Eye Protection

Staring at a bright screen in low light for hours on end can take a toll on your eyes. Flow’s blend of antioxidants and botanicals are designed to give you maximum eye protection and enable you to distinguish the details of the game.

Eye Protection

Some of the light emitted from a glowing computer screen is “blue light” on the UV light spectrum. Eye exposure to blue light can be damaging, potentially leading to retinal damage and macular degeneration. The American Macular Degeneration Foundation states that individuals who spend hours in front of a computer screen need eye protection from blue light.

  • Lutein, found in Flow from tomato peel extract, absorbs damaging blue light that enters the eye and may be protective against eye diseases.
  • Beta-carotene and lutein act as antioxidants and some research suggests that they may be protective against loss of vision and oxidative damage in the retina.
  • Ginkgo biloba extract, acting as an antioxidant, has been found to be protective of damage to nerve cells in the eye.

Vision in Low Light
Beta-carotene is a phytonutrient that can be converted in the body to Vitamin A. One form that Vitamin A takes in the body is retinal and this form of Vitamin A is critical for light vision. Retinal is part of the photoreceptor (i.e. a cell that senses and receives light) called rhodopsin. Rhodopsin translates the light and dark you see into a meaningful message for your brain that helps you to see in a low-light environment.


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Motion Sickness & Digestion

Nothing can get your head, and stomach, swimming like racing through catacombs and abandoned wastelands in a FPS, officially called “simulator sickness.” Flow contains just the right botanical ingredients to soothe your head and gut (but makes no such soothing promises for your racing heart).

Several studies have found that peppermint oil calms the digestive tract and may improve the symptoms of indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome. Ginger has long been used as a remedy for nausea and motion sickness and research validates its efficacy.


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Immunity & Well-Being

The very same ingredients in Flow that help you game your best will also help you feel your best by bolstering your immune system and maintaining optimal function of body systems. Flow is intended to be used a a daily supplement and the doses of each ingredient are appropriate to meet your daily needs for well-being.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D promotes well-being in many ways including the reduction of inflammation, promotion of proper function of the immune system, growth and maintenance of bones, and regulation of cell growth. Evidence suggests that vitamin D is protective against several forms of cancer and it may also be helpful in the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and glucose intolerance.

Vitamin D can be acquired from food, but a large percentage of daily vitamin D requirements are met through direct sun exposure to the skin. Skin color, overweight and obesity, geographical location above a certain latitude line, and those with limited sun exposure at any time of the year are at risk for Vitamin D deficiency. Flow provides a safe and healthy dose of supplemented vitamin D to help you meet your daily requirements.

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo biloba acts as an antioxidant by scavenging free radicals and is antiinflammatory by suppressing the production of oxygen and nitrogen species which act as oxidants in the body. Researchers have found that ginkgo also “inhibited the increase in the products of the oxidative decomposition low-density lipoprotein (LDL), reduced the cell death in various types of neuropathy, and prevented the oxidative damage to mitochondria, suggesting that [ginkgo] exhibits beneficial effects on neuron degenerative diseases by preventing chronic oxidative damage.” These same researchers conclude that ginkgo’s role in scavenging and reducing inflammation make it a useful treatment for inflammatory diseases and aging.

Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract contains catechins, which are antioxidants in the flavonoid family. They have been associated with significantly reducing LDL cholesterol levels in the blood, which are the type of lipids often referred to as the “bad” fats. High levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood can lead to atherosclerosis and subsequently heart disease. Maintaining healthy blood lipid levels is an important part of disease prevention and well being.

Green tea may be helpful in managing weight because it increases the number of calories burned at rest. One study has also found that individuals who consumed green tea felt significantly more satiated (satisfied with the amount of food they’d consumed), which may lead to less snacking and prevent overconsumption of calories which leads to weight gain over time.

Research has also indicated that daily consumption of green tea extract supplement does not harm health and is specifically safe for the liver and cardiovascular system.

Ginger root, found in Flow, is extremely rich in antioxidants which reduce the oxidative stress that is associated with several diseases. Research indicates that ginger inhibits the production of powerful oxidants in the body like superoxide and suppresses peroxidation of lipids which can lead to atherosclerosis and heart disease. It has also been found to be effective at reducing inflammation, pain, and swelling.

It was previously mentioned that lutein, a carotenoid antioxidant, is protective for eyes. Additionally, lutein is absorbed and incorporated into brain tissue where it acts as an antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory. In adults, high levels of lutein in the brain and dietary supplementation of lutein are associated with better cognitive performance.


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Suggested Use:

Take one serving daily (2 capsules).

For maximum effect take one additional serving per 2 hours of gaming.


If you are pregnant, may become pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.

Store in a cool, dry place.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



The all-in-one gaming supplement

Most Popular Product Money-Back Guarantee

“I feel like I’m taking a mental vitamin”
-Serious Gamer

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