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AoG Coaching - Gamer Fit
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Health Coaching for Gamers

Your Hero Journey to Better Health Starts Here

You want to dominate your favorite game and you’re willing to do whatever it takes—even if it means eating junk food, going without sleep, and attempting to survive in a toxic-gaming environment for days. We get it. When you’re serious about gaming, it can rule your world. But it doesn’t have to ruin your life or put your health at risk.

So how do you make the switch to GamerFit mode? Get help from an AOG Coach.

We’ve been-there, done-that, and know what it’s like to give gaming a front seat to everything else in your life. After hundreds of LAN parties and thousands of online matches, we know the pitfalls that affect gamers. But we’ve also developed a build order designed help gamers like you get more out of gaming, and more out of life.

Ready to level up? The AOG GamerFit program includes 30-plus hours of instruction from real gamers and master-level coaches who have achieved a balance between gaming and healthy living.

Meet the AOG GamerFit Coaches


Justin Dees

Want to look like RYU? Meet the guy who knows how: Personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder Justin Dees knows how to help you transform your body. He’ll show you the best workouts, lifts, and training strategies to lose weight, build lean muscle, increase endurance to get GamerFit.


Parker Lewis

If you’re a gamer who doesn’t like going to the gym, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean it’s a valid excuse to sit around gaming, munching chips, and sculpting a beer belly. You can work out at home and it doesn’t require a ton of equipment. Certified personal trainer and legit gamer Parker will show you how kettlebell workouts can transform your body from zero to hero.


Katie Lee

Sit less. Move more. It’s the kind of mantra that makes gamers roll their eyes. But admit it, you spend a lot of time sitting. And it can take a toll on your body. Fortunately, yoga instructor Jane Doe will show you how to incorporate simple yoga poses into your day to improve your own mobility, flexibility, and overall health.


Chris Williams

Go ahead, make fun of the fat guy who calls himself a gamer. For more than a decade, that’s what Chris Williams saw when he looked in the mirror. Then he mapped out his own course to lose 50 pounds with exercise, meditation and goal-setting, and most importantly, sustainable healthy eating habits compatible with the gamer lifestyle. He’s the founder of AOG, a Precision Nutrition graduate, and Food Network junkie, who will show you how to make meal planning easy, cook healthy meals, and stay on track to reach your health and fitness goals.

AoG Coaching includes lesson modules on:


Meal Planning


Home workouts

Gym exercises


Yoga / meditation

Handle Toxic gaming

And Much More!

Your AOG GamerFit Coaches
will help you learn to:



  • Be accountable, and inspire you to develop healthy habits.
  • Set health and fitness goals
  • Learn to meditate, focus, and control your mind
  • Learn to cook healthy carbs, lean proteins, and nutritious vegetables
  • Make healthy-meal planning and grocery shopping easier
  • Learn how to pre-cook meals for easy use
  • Control your thoughts and emotions to manage trolls, ragers and toxic gamers
  • Develop healthy habits to help you feel better, live longer, and be a better gamer

Never have gamers been offered so much free stuff for improving their life!

Up to $500 in prizes and cash for those that participate in the program.

Every month you stay gets you another reward and closer to getting up to $250 in cash for changing your body composition.

AoG Gamer Fit Accountabilibuddy Program Includes:

  • Over 70 individual lessons over 6 months
  • Monthly Accountabilibuddy calls. (This is an actual live check in call each month! A crucial part of this program is having accountability.)
  • Access to the rewards program: Complete the 6 month program and get up to $250 in cash!

Plus get access to the monthly rewards just for staying with the program:

  • 2nd month - Get a free AoG Flow supplement (While supplies last)
  • 3rd month - Get a free AoG glass drinking bottle
  • 4th month - Get a AoG high quality crossfit workout T-shirt
  • 5th month - Get a free organic essential oil
  • 6th month - Get $50 for 5% body composition change, $100 for 10% body composition change, $150 for 15% body composition change, $200 for 20% body composition change, $250 for 25% body composition change!

PRICE: $49/month


To participate in the 6 month cash prize, each participant will need to submit before pictures and actual body fat measurements. We will help you get these measurements if you're not sure where to find them.  Body composition changes include lean muscle gain and fat loss.

We want you to succeed so other gamers can follow your example!

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